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Why Choose 96 Degree

Good Workmanship

Impaccable craftmanship.
Carpentry that lasts for decades!

  • Smooth Edges
  • Smart Systems
  • Stylish Designed

Responsive Friendly IDS

Experience Team and teamwork 
Stress-free renovation process!

  • Always contactable (we need to sleep too though!)
  • Almost like your favorite cousin
  • Available for prompt updates & discussions

Meet Your Budget & Timeline

No rude shocks!
Only Pleasant surprises

  • Set realistic expectations of do's & dont's
  • All upfront costs stated clearly
  • Never oversell or overpromise

Practical Designs

Good design is functional design.
We makes simple sense with creativity!

  • Befitting your lifestyle
  • Accommodates your future lifestyle
  • Space maximisation for your comfort

Realistic 3D Drawings

All can be achieved.
What you see is what you get!

  • Through materials we have knowledge about
  • Aligned to your inspirations
  • Accurate space measurements


Your goals, our experience.
In perfect harmony!

  • Share experiences & expectations
  • Mutual respect
  • Consult the experts of the field
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Recent Projects


"Thanks for Jason and his good service and close monitor on our renovation progress. The most important thing is he is able to fit our budget to deliver our dream house. Appreciate his effort and his team members help"
Mr Loh Boon Yap 457 Ang Mio Kio Ave 10
"Thank you James for your Kindness for working hard to get our renovation done. He is a very good interior designer, reply promptly and give us the quotation within our budget. He will always update us which work has been completed inside our group chat. He will give us very good advice and make our home look more beautiful"
Mohamed Ridhwan Bin Abbas 889B Woodland Drive 50
"Eric is very patient and nice gentleman. Would accommodate to our request and do all the things for us. Never see him rejecting all our last minutes changes during our renovation and towards end of the whole project. Strongly recommend him to all our relatives and friends for all the renovation works"
Ms Siew Lai Yin, Valerie 433 Clementi Ave 3
"Our ID Jason was very patient with us and very proactive in providing us with design suggestions and quotation, unlike other IDs we visited who ignored us as they thought our renovation plans were too far away. After the renovation commenced, Jason helped us to closely supervise the renovation work while it was ongoing, making sure that everything went according to schedule and met to standards. He was prompt in replying and it was a joy receiving photos of the renovation process from him everyday we could have an update of the process. Jason impressed us with his meticulous and attention to detail, he could remember all the minute details such as space dimension. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with 96 degree's standards"
Ms Diana Chua 416 Pasir Ris Drive 6
" High Standard of Carpentry Workmanship and excellent customer Service! Thanks to Roger Koh, a very responsible trustworthy ID. Roger makes effort to be at site supervision very often and takes good care our our project. So glad we have choosen 96 Degree Designers , overall we are very satisfied and happy customer! From Sharon Toh and Family"
Ms Toh Ching Ngree 470A Fernvale Link
" My ID was Kenneth and Eric, both of them was super efficient. Im so glad to come over to 96 degree designers. After talking to them, i had a good impression to the company, they are a reliable company and all our question is been answer and solve. Service is Tip Top and everything was transparent with no hidden cost"
Mr Muhammmad Afdhaluddin Bin Jamal 810A Choa Chu Kang Ave 7
"Our Designer Jason is a responsible and meticulor. Thumbs up on the design and also advice provided throughout the renovation. Great teamworks between them on our requirments, timeline of the reno that set our mind at ease"
Sky Cheong 20 Pasir Ris Link, Sea Esta
"Its indeed our blessing that we decided to engage the service provided from 96 Degree Designers, i had given them a very good commends containing one full page of my hand written appreciation, do visit them and ask them to show it to you! Cheers"
Mr Kumar and family, 677D Puggol Drive
Jason is an excellent designer who goes beyond his responsibilities as an ID to ensure that our requests are met. He is a very meticulous person who went the extra mile to fully understand each of our family member's lifestyle needs in order to incorporate them into his design concept. With his vast experience in this industry, Jason was able to provide very sound advice to us and at the same time, keep to our design preferences. The most valuable aspect of Jason is that he is a person of integrity and a man of his word. There was never a moment of doubt that he would take advantage of our inexperience, and this was very assuring as we have heard horror stories about other IDs. Jason is so trustworthy and responsible that we left the entire design and project to him, and we hardly even visited our house during the renovation period as he would send daily photographic updates to us in our WhatsApp group. Although Jason was given carte blanche in the design concept, he was also very mindful in keeping to the budget we agreed upon. Jason also has a team of excellent sub-contractors who produce high quality workmanship that exceeded our expectations. For areas that needed touch-ups, Jason was also very efficient in arranging for his team to provide all touch-up services. It was an enjoyable renovation experience for us and the credit goes entirely to Jason and his team! We would not hesitate to strongly recommend Jason and his team to our friends and relatives. (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Audrey Shufen Ho
Jason has been an excellent interior designer to us. As this is our first house and we have totally no experience on renovation related matters, Jason was very patient in explaining everything to us even during late nights via mobile phone messaging. He was always trying to offer us his best professional advice as much as possible for our new house even on products which we sourced elsewhere. His sense of responsibility was top notch as he always sought to ensure that everything was well taken care of, even to granular details. We felt very comfortable and confident that he will be able to protect our interests when we were trying to negotiate with 3rd party providers or making our own purchases. Not only was he able to help us get the best possible deals when we were making purchases, he was also able to often offer us a variety of solutions when we encounter any problems. Most importantly, he was able to complete his deliverable with high quality and very much to our satisfaction. It was a wonderful experience to see our initial design on pictures being brought to live. This was all carried out by Jason and also the rest of the team: 1) Jacky who helped to coordinate and took charge of the renovation matters whenever Jason is not around 2) The Carpentry team who built an impressive TV console and study table for us. It was really very close to the initial design and the quality delivered was great. 3) The plumbing/handymen team who was able to install all our related items is a very short time efficiently. 4) The electrician team who installed all our lightings and fans with minimal fuss. Overall, we are very glad to have chosen him as our ID for our new home and managed to learn a lot from his experiences. His service level was excellent and was most willing to go the extra mile for us. We will definitely strongly recommend him to any of our friends if they are looking out for IDs as well. Looking forward to Jason as our ID again for our next home! (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Vincent Lai
Had my whole renovation done by Jason and team, very professional services and now even after 10mths, whenever there is any small matter, Jason will still rectify it for us promptly with no questions asked. Keep up the good work! (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Sky Chong
Giving my house renovation to 96 degree is the best decision in my life. The designs by interior designer Jason are exactly what I had envisioned. Jason followed through from first meeting till completion. After service is excellent as well. The careful planning and detailed workmanship of this company is well worth the price paid. If I had a chance to choose again, I will still go with 96 degree. Thumbs up!! (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Very impressed and satisfied with our ID Chris Zhang. He visited the site daily and updated us the progress through whatsapp of the whole renovation with photos. He is patience always explained to us of any rectification and seek knowledge before proceed further. Oh yes, My daughter is very happy with her Victorian theme bedroom design. 👍👍👍 .Thank you Chris for your hard work. 👍👍👍 (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Jo Vin
Love their renovation job done for our house! Jason was very friendly and enthusiastic during our first meeting. The design and workmanship were excellent. All in all, wonderful job done by the team. Thanks! :) (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Samantha Pyq
Very impressed with Roger's service! Always there to answer any queries that i have and monitoring the project's progress the entire time. Responsible and meticulous. What more can I ask for! Job well done. (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Lim Soo Lim
s there a six-star rating? 5 stars are not enough. Jason and his team did an super-excellent job at our place. I cannot thank them enough for their service. Renovations can be very stressful. But with Jason, it was a walk in the part for us. It was the best decision we have ever made. Jason worked within our budget, our needs and our schedule. Unlike other IDs, he will not promise anything he cannot deliver. Excellent workmanship. You cannot see the joints of the countertops unless you look closely. Seamless. And he will tell you straight if the design you have in mind is not good. He will say, "not nice". While we were discussing about the project, his colleagues entertained our kids. (You guys should look into expanding to 96 Degree Childcare Center) Not a day was wasted during our renovation. Everyday, someone was working on our flat - tiler, painter, electrician. Make sure you have a big memory space on your phone because Jason will send you endless updates with photos. Cost of Renovation - $xx,xxxx.xx Stress-free renovation - priceless (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Ona Fajardo
Fantastic work done by Jason and his team. The service provided is great and thanks for the patience and effort incorporating our wishes into their design. Great work with great team. Thanks! (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page) 96 Degree Designers
Lye Hong Rainbow
My renovation journey was a fun and smooth sailing one. Very thankful to have met Anthony, a very experienced id, understands our likes and needs, reliable and dedicated. Really appreciate and can't wait to see the completed work. Thank you@Anthony Koh! (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Jermaine Toh
No regrets sign up 96 Degree Designers. Especially Roger Koh , very responsible and I'm very satisfied with the reno works. (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Sharon Toh
Mr Roger is a very responsible person. He handle my home work very well. No headache for me . All work went smoothly till the end. Well done. (5 Star Awarded in our Facebook Page)
Kristoffer Leong
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